TedLapidus PourHomme EDT 100ml

Ted Lapidus

Lapidus Cologne by Ted Lapidus, Lapidus Cologne is a fragrance for men. The masculine cologne is a blend of earthy, fruity and herbal notes. The top notes are pineapple and basil. The middle notes include pine tree and caraway. The base notes are sandalwood. The scent is notorious for its strong fruity top and virile undercurrents. The design of the bottle conveys the steely power and stature of the 1980’s “Gordon Gekko” stereotype businessman. This cologne was launched in 1987. It is recommended for romantic wear.

Ted Lapidus produces this cologne. He was a French fashion designer who pioneered the unisex fashion look and is recognized for many innovations in haute couture. He is credited with taking blue jeans into the mainstream of fashion. After a Dior apprenticeship, he started his fashion label in 1951. The label gained prominence when French celebrities started wearing his creations in the1960s. In the late 1970s, fashion accessories were added. In 2000, the firm ceased producing haute couture. 

Top Notes: Lemon, Pineapple
Middle Notes: Honey, Rose, Jasmine
Base Note: Sandalwood, Patchouli

TedLapidus PourHomme EDT 100ml
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