Cobbler & Kolachi

Cobbler&kolachi offers made-to-order product which requires for 15 working days for delivery of the order. Because Cobbler&kolachi offers only premium handmade shoes for men, assembled with handpicked pure leather, hand-stitched to the most comfortable sole, hand-painted, haute couture level of design and aesthetics, resulting in marvellous pair of shoes, an artisans imagination brought to reality, with every shoes assembled in it’s own unique design and class that is inimitable.

Cobbler&kolachi takes pride in presenting the modern Burgundy slippers for men, the embodiment of comfort, embellished with pure handcrafted calfskin leather, the perfection in comfort and aesthetics.


  • ✔100% percent full grain leather
  • ✔Hand stitched slipper.
  • ✔slipper Upper side handmade and 100% leather.
  • ✔slipper Sole lining handmade and 100% leather.
  • ✔Comfortable inner sole
  • ✔Customisable slipper
  • ✔Trouble-free refunds
  • ✔Two year stitching warranty
  • ✔Marvellous after sale services 
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