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Musk Tahara Layali – Alcohol-Free Perfume 50ml

Hemani Herbal
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Leave all the worries behind with this Pure Musk perfume that is made without alcohol. Introducing Alcohol-Free Musk Perfumes so you can enjoy heavenly fragrances with a sense of purity. These water-based perfumes are made with 0% alcohol and pure fragrance oils of beautiful Musk that you can wear before your prayers, during your spiritual journeys, or simply when going out. Musk Tahara Layali is a pure deep fragrance with black musk wrapped in the heart with a burst of floral, fruity in top notes, and woody in the base. Directions: Shake the perfume well and spray on moisturized skin and over clothes for the ultimate long-lasting scent.

Musk Tahara Layali – Alcohol-Free Perfume 50ml
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