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Organic Bloom Miracle Lash Brows Growth Serum - 10ml

Organic Bloom
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Product Feature
This serum is prepared by traditional method, that's why considered more superior in terms of purity.
Formula is to increase the number & length of current lashes & brows.
The use of growth serum offers many benefits which are listed below;
Improves hair strength, Moisturizes hair, Promotes thick lashes & brows, Prevents hair breakage, Adds volume, Strengthens roots, Provides natural shine
Castor oil, Almond's Ash, Alovera gel, Petroleum jelly, Vitamin E
How To Use
. Serum is to be used once daily in the morning & night before bed
. Eye & brows should be completely clean of any makeup
. Apply from the inner eye to outwards
. Use the mascara brush repeatedly brush your lash & brows to accelerate effects
Organic Bloom Miracle Lash Brows Growth Serum - 10ml
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