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Janssen- Aquatense Moisture Gel-200 ML (511P)

Janssen- Aquatense Moisture Gel-200 ML (511P)

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Water-replenishing jelly cream - Cream jelly for skin with a lack of moisture

In moisture-deficient skin, the moisture retention factor is overcome by the sebum content. It is especially important to have care products with a high moisture content and low lipid content available. Daily care should have the balanced properties of a light cream.
The product has a particularly light texture and immediately makes the skin feel fresh. Even during use, the light green cream gel gives a feeling of increased moisture and smoothes wrinkles caused by dryness. Moisture-binding active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and Atlantic green algae extract prove to be particularly useful in replenishing moisture stores.

Effects and Properties:

Refreshing cream gel
Smoothes dehydrated skin
Long-lasting moisture stores for the upper layers of the skin
Protection against free radicals
Visible improvement in skin structure
Supports and stimulates the skin's ability to retain moisture

Janssen- Aquatense Moisture Gel-200 ML (511P)
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