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Kenneth Cole Men Perfume Black EDT 100ml

Kenneth Cole
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Kenneth Cole Black, a fragrance that leaves each man wearing the signature scent with a distinctive edge over others and raises his impressive personality above everyone else is here for you now. Step onto the Black wagon and you will be promised a smooth and attractive ride with attention from all sides.

Fresh Blend Of Mandarin And Mint
The fragrance opens with a fresh blend of mandarin and mint that swirls into your senses and douses you with pure energy. The mint and mandarin scent ensures to give you the impressive finish to gild a great work day or weekend.

Masculine Notes Of Incense, Exotic Woods And Black Suede Underlining the raw essence of a man, the fragrance leaves intense masculine notes of incense, exotic woods and black suede to coat the brilliance and power in every man.

Available in Stores and Online @ ENEM MALL Liberty/DHA Lahore
Kenneth Cole Men Perfume Black EDT 100ml
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