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Clive Christian XX Art Nouveau Paryrus EDP 50ml

Clive Christian
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The sense of exploration and academia of the Art Nouveau movement is captured in this austere musky fougere by Clive Christian. The scholarly scent of papyrus flows into aromatic cedarwood, lifted by smooth lavender, green geranium and a hint of bergamot.

A Classic and clean parfume!
Fougere Musky
A fascination for the Egyptian world is shown in the palm motifs adorning buildings in the Art Nouveau era, a flood of Egyptian jewels drape elegantly from a Parisian opera singer in the guise of Cleopatra. Papyrus channels this scholarly fascination with its smooth and alluring scent.
An exotic trip down the Nile, the smooth surface of the river distorted as a steam boat cuts through the waters. A dry warmth lightened by a fresh breeze. Fronds of wild papyrus cluster on the river banks, rustling the age old secrets of Pharaohs as the boat passes. The fresh green cutting against the golden tones of sand, the stems waving into the water with their fringed heads turned towards the sun. Green galbanum is warmed by a citrusy shot of pink pepper with classic bergamot sublimely complimenting an aromatic heart of smooth lavender, basil and the powdery hint of geranium. This classic fougere is given a mysterious musty note with the inclusion of the earthy, woody papyrus sedge alongside smoky vetivert and warming tonka. A linear perfume with a smoothness that echoes the impeccable style of the Art Nouveau period.

Inspired by the Art Nouveau trend towards repetitive, organic shapes, this perfume is a nod to the scholarly sense of exploration and discovery that accompanied the era. The fresh green scent of Galbanum is piqued with a shock of Pink Pepper, complemented by a hint of warm Ginger and offset with the cool smooth tones of lavender, all resting on a robust base of Cedarwood, Tonka and musky Vetiver. This perfume is certified suitable for vegans.

25% Perfume Concentration.

Available in Stores and Online @ ENEM MALL Liberty/DHA Lahore

Clive Christian XX Art Nouveau Paryrus EDP 50ml
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