Real Gold Face Cream

WB Hemani
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Specially formulated with Rosehip Oil, 24K Gold Flakes, Prickly Pear and other essential ingredients for radiant, brighter and younger looking skin. This luxurious, moisturizing face cream reduces fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes and dark spots while brightening, soothing, nourishing and protecting the skin from aging. 24K gold flakes add a radiant grow to the skin

Modern medical experts point out that, gold contact to the skin will release negative ions, positive ions and human interaction, too. It also Promote blood flow between ions in the organization, producing new energy, so as to improve blood circulation, accelerate skin. It offers some sun protection and hold water in the outer skin layer. Emollients fill in tiny crevices between surfaces to keep skin smooth, while humectants draw water to the outer most layer of your skin for a dewy glow.

Anti-inflammatory properties of gold, Making it an ideal healing treatment for those with acne, hyperpigmentation, sun-damaged, or sensitive skin. And helps to re-texture and repair skin damage, revealing a renewed glowing complexion.

Real Gold Face Cream
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