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Aloe Vera Glycerin Soap 60gm

WB Hemani


Our astonishing range of pure glycerin soaps are all natural, vegan-friendly and a great option for people with sensitive skin.
These Glycerin soaps are meant to be milder and gentler on the skin with all the benefits of the major ingredients each kind of soap has.
Glycerin helps lock in your skin’s natural moisture and prevent over-drying.
Whereas, it doesn’t contain alcohol, fragrances, or other chemical-based ingredients that could irritate your skin.
Glycerin has been shown to help restore moisture and elasticity in the layers of our skin, helping to restore the barrier that protects us while the enzymes in Aloe Vera in it can also help exfoliate the skin to make it smoother.
It not only reduces the size of your pores but makes your face look smoother all over while removing excess oils from the surface of the skin, as well as dead skin cells which clog pores and create blemishes and leaves the skin deeply moisturized without leaving it greasy, and as such makes for a smooth and light facial cleanser.


Aloe Vera Glycerin Soap 60gm
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