Naturistic Eyebrow Serum 30ml

WB Hemani
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This Eyebrow serum with organic argan oil works as treatment to repair damaged skin and boosts thicker growth. The naturally enriched formula with argan oil this serum restores the moisture balance and repair over a plucked surface. Argan Oil is often called as the “Liquid Gold” is an organic extract that works exceptionally well for the issues of eyebrow you suffer. Especially if you’re suffering from issues with your eyebrows and eyelashes then this oil might just work well for you.

Argan oil can do wonders for eyebrow growth, because it nourishes follicles with the oils and antioxidants it need to flourish. The best part about this oil is it’s completely natural, doesn’t give side effects and give 100% results in short span of time

Naturistic Eyebrow Serum 30ml
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