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Lemon Oil 30ml

WB Hemani
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Lemon Oil is a good aromatherapy oil, enhancing the mood and helping in relaxation.

The scent of Lemon Oil is uplifting and gratifying increases concentration and makes the body vital. Help reduce stress. Helps relieve sore throat and digestive problems.


- Disinfectant: Mix a few drops of oil in water and spray to freshen the air, and wipe to disinfect surface areas.

- Anti-Depressant: Add a few drops in an air diffuser or an oil burner. Massage a little on pulse points.

- Cold sores & Decongestant: Steam inhale by adding a few drops in hot water. Add a few drops in warm water and drink.

- Pimple & Blemish Fighter: Spot treat pimples and blemishes

Lemon Oil 30ml
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