BLOOMBOX Subscription for 1 Season - A Charm Of Faith

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We are in the middle of a pandemic and the ray of hope for a healthy nation is a crisis.

Promoting health, safety and protection and encouraging positivity to eventually give rise to A Charm of Faith.

✨ A Charm of Faith is a special seasonal edition of BloomBox with products that will protect from germs and bacteria.

???? What is BloomBox?

BloomBox is a seasonal Mystery Subscription Box.

???? What is inside BloomBox?

Best of 4+ premium, full-size products and trial-size samples packed in a box. Expect a mix of wellness, makeup, skincare, haircare and fragrances varying from season's favourite - newcomers, best sellers, and premium products, sometimes with the finest offers ????

???? Is BloomBox worth the subscription?

Get the fine selection of products valued at Rs. 4000+ for less than Rs. 2000*, unbelievably AMAZING! 

???? How does it work?

With 2 Subscription Plans, receive a BloomBox - right at your doorstep - for 4 seasons a year.**

1. Subscription for 1 Season for Rs. 2000 only!

2. *Subscription for 4 Seasons for Rs. 5000 only!

???? Why BloomBox?

BloomBox is a Premium Mystery Subscription Box, so you get

✔️ An Exclusive Experience

✔️ First to try newly launched products, every season

✔️ Deluxe products at a super value, every season

✔️ Collect WB Merchandise every season

✔️ Samples of products EVEN BEFORE they are launched for masses in WB Stores

✔️ New-season different products 

✔️ Premium Subscriber Benefits


BLOOMBOX Subscription for 1 Season - A Charm Of Faith
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