Antibacterial Bundle 2

WB Hemani


Anti Bacterial Hand Sanitizer 65ml Premium Quality Sanitizer with Aloe Vera Extract that

refreshes your hands on the go.
Easy to carry, fits in the pocket.
Germ-free wherever you go.
Sanitized and soft hands.

Insta Safe Hand Sanitizer Spray 120ml Premium Quality Sanitizer Spray with Tea Tree Oil @ Aloe Vera Extract.

Handy and convenient to use.
Disinfected and soft hands.

Herbal Antibacterial Hand Wash 750mlPremium Quality Antibacterial Hand Wash with Honey @ Tea Tree.

Germ-free in 20 seconds.
Clean, fresh, and soft hands.

Insta Safe Multipurpose Disinfectant Spray 500mlPremium Quality Multipurpose Spray with Tea Tree, Eucalyptus @ Peppermint.

Keep your homes clean.
With plenty of household purposes.

Manufactured as per WHO Standards✔️ Approved by DRAP @ PSQCA✔️ Tested by PCSIR Laboratory

Antibacterial Bundle 2
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