WB Pride of Pakistan Gift Set 2

WB Hemani


Lively Lahore Perfume (For Him) 100ML: The fragrance, “Lively Lahore” is inspired by the vibrant City of Pakistan, Lahore! Its aroma holds the cheerful and exuberant vibes of the City. With its fresh and spicy notes, Lively Lahore challenge Lahories to standout and “Dare to Dream”!

Prestigious Peshawar Perfume (For Her) 100ML: The fragrance “Prestigious Peshawar” is inspired by The City of Flowers, Peshawar! Its aroma reflects the aesthetic and elegant essence of the City. With its Floral and musky notes, Prestigious Peshawar is “A Walk in the Garden of Heaven” for Peshawaries!

Iconic Islamabad Perfume (Unisex) 100ML: The fragrance, “Iconic Islamabad” is inspired by the beautiful City of Pakistan, Islamabad - which holds an opening blend of urban life and nature! Its aroma reflects the luxurious and tranquillizing essence of the City. With its pacifying and pleasing notes, Iconic Islamabad lets the Islamabadies “Experience the Class” in an unforgettable way.

WB Pride of Pakistan Gift Set 2
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