Whitening+ Platinum Day & Night Cream 50gm

WB Hemani
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It is a rare blend of pure platinum dust and other natural ingredients which provides your skin a royal treatment.
A special 2 in 1 formula blended of natural ingredients to help you start with a clean slate and removes oil buildup and dead skin so those super-hydrating ingredients can really penetrate the skin's surface while maintaining its natural elasticity.
It provides natural fairness and enhance permanent glow without making your skin dry.
Depending on your skins needs, the ingredients help fight damage caused by free-radicals from the sun’s UVA rays during the day time which hydrates the skin and work like a protective shield against environmental influences, leading to a brighter complexion.
However, during night it is richer and more viscous. It remains on the skin for longer and thus works throughout the night.
Platinum has been shown to exhibit antioxidant activity, reducing inflammation and free-radical damage and protecting the outer skin layer.

Whitening+ Platinum Day & Night Cream 50gm
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