Natural Element Moisturizing Cream 150gm

WB Hemani

The greatness of this face cream is its verstality. Whether you have sensitive, dry, normal, or even slightly oily skin, this face cream should be able to do the job at keeping your face well nourished and moisturized.

First and foremost the ingredients contain with the moisturizer are gluten free, fragrance free, paraben free, and have been certified organic.  Beyond the incredibly non-abrasive ingredients, you will also find that this doubles as a great sun protectant as well

Men that do tend to have normal/dry skin may be able to also use this moisturizer. Shielding from immediate and helping to restore long-term sun exposure (it's also pretty good at protecting from city pollution, by the way), this ultra-lightweight but matte textured lotion has also been noted for its results used as a premature-ageing deterrent. The recipe for silky-smooth skin, this does the job of keeping your skin quenched without turning it into an oil slick.

Natural Element Moisturizing Cream 150gm
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