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Ultimate Power Blonde-500g

KEUNE Ultimate Blonde
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With this super powerful lightening powder, you can lighten a client s hair up to eight shades. This means dark-haired salon clients can go platinum blonde, a desire many hold but rarely see fulfilled. Processing times are short and the service is stress-free, as the formula is gentle enough to prevent serious hair damage, especially when combined with our Bond Fusion system USAGE: Levels of lift on natural hair Up to 8 Ideal color level application 1 up to level 5 Levels of lift on color-treated hair Up to 7* * Never lift pre-lightened hair. Use only on colored hair levels 1-5 % of developer to use 3%, 6% or 9%* (10, 20 or 30 vol.) *On scalp: 3% (10% vol. 6% (20 Vol.) Mixing ratio 1:1.5 Processing time in minutes Up to 50* *Check every 5 minutes

Ultimate Power Blonde-500g
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