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Bond Fusion Salon Kit-Large

KEUNE Bond Fusion
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A Bond Booster system that conditions and nourishes the hair. The unique protein fusion system bonds, builds, and boosts the inner hair structure. Offering up to 5 times more long-lasting conditioning eff USAGE: For lifting treatments with ultimate lifting, increase the Developer one full volume of
Developer strength. Example: 10 vol (3%) to 20 vol. (6%), etc. When less lifting is needed, you don’t have to increase the % volume of Developer. Important note: do not increase the Developer. 1. Prepare the color or lightening mixture
as usual, following the directions and precautions as written in the instruction manual of the color or lightening system. 2. Add 1ml/g Phase 1 Bond Builder per 20 g of color mix* or lifting powder mix**. Example: 60 g hair color + 60 g developer. Add 6 ml/g of Phase 1 Bond Builder. Apply the mixture and process as usual. Rinse thoroughly and shampoo the hair. 3. If proceeding with toner, apply and process. Rinse thoroughly and towel dry the hair. Apply a suitable quantity of Phase 2 Bond Enhancer from roots to ends,
depending on the length of the hair. Leave in for a minimum of 5 minutes.
Rinse thoroughly.

Bond Fusion Salon Kit-Large
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