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Keratin Curl Lotion 2-125ml

KEUNE Forming
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This perm treatment, infused with keratin, has low alkalinity levels to strengthen hair and leave it curly, bouncy, beautiful and shiny USAGE: Select the proper formula of Keratin Curl Lotion depending on the hair type –
No. 0: Strong, difficult to perm hair; No. 1: Normal to fine hair; No. 2: Porous, color-treated and sensitive hair. If the hair is heavily highlighted or bleached, we recommend diluting No. 2 lotion 1:1 with water. Wrap on damp hair and apply sufficient lotion on each rod. After processing is complete,
rinse hair thoroughly with warm water for five minutes and blot the rods ADVANTAGE: Keratin Curl is ideal for: • Strengthening hair structure • Adding brilliant shine • Creating natural styling opportunities Available in three formulas for different hair types: No. 0 – For strong, difficult to perm hair No. 1– For normal to fine hair No. 2 – For porous, color-treated and sensitive hair

Keratin Curl Lotion 2-125ml
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