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Sleek & Shine Rebond. E/Fort-85ml

KEUNE Forming
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Keune Sleek & Shine Rebonding restructures curly hair, leaving it smooth and mangeable. This treatment requires Sleek & Shine Rebonding Cream and Fixing Balm and a ceramic straightening iron and may take several hours to complete. It is rescommended to use Keune Sleek & Shine Rebonding Conditioner and Keune Hair Beauty. It is important to follow the directions for use of optimum results

USAGE: Shampoo the hair only if expectionally oily or dirty. Apply on dry or towel-dried hair, Apply Keune Sleek & Shine Cream with a color brush, section by section begining at the nope. Keep the Keune Sleek & Shine Rebonding Cream 0.5cm (0.2 inch) away from the scalp. Carefully comb through the hair for even distribution. Process 5-20 minutes depending of the structure of the hair. DO NOT exceed the maximum processing time periodically perform a strand test*, to determine if the hair is straight. After processing, straighten the hair by combing each section with a wide-tooth comb. Do not strech the hair. Straightening should not be exceed 5 mins. Rinse the hair throughly with warm water for 10 min. Make certain that all product has been completely removed frpm the hair. Towel dry the hair

ADVANTAGES: Keune Sleek and Shine Rebonding Extra Strong, a cream for smoothing-based thioglycolic acid, ideal for smooth or soften very curly or wavy hair, which strengthens, moistens and conditions the hair protein; hydrolyzed silk protein, which promotes the hair luster and softness

Sleek & Shine Rebond. E/Fort-85ml
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