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Lift & Color - 1519 Super Matte Blonde-60ml

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The best of both worlds: this product lifts and deposits color at the same time. Intense, long-lasting shades formulated especially for highlights or color accentsUSAGE: 1:1 60 ml (2 . oz.) Tinta Color + 60 ml (2 . oz.) Tinta Cream Developer 6/9/12 % 20/30/40 Volume Lifting on natural hair 3-4 levels, Lifting on colored hair 2 levels using 12% (40 Volume) process time 30-40 minutes
ADVANTAGES: . Tinta Lift & Color is suitable for both virgin and colored hair. Here’s what’s great about this product Lifts and tones simultaneously, Works on both virgin and colored hair, Lush, vibrant color result

Lift & Color - 1519 Super Matte Blonde-60ml
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