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Magic Blonde Sachet-10g

KEUNE Ultimate Blonde
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Magic Blonde is the dust free powder bleach that protects the hair and scalp during the bleaching process. Suitable for on and off-scalp and can be mixed with Tinta Cream Developer 3, 6, or 9%. Now with improved, pleasant fragrance. USAGE: Levels of lift on natural hair Up to 7 Ideal color level application 1 up to level 8 Levels of lift on color-treated hair Up to 6 % of developer to use 3%, 6% or 9% (10, 20 or 30 vol.) Mixing ratio 1:1.5 Processing time in minutes Up to 50 ADVANTAGES: LP 300 and Bisabolol protect the hair and scalp during the bleaching process, Keeps the hair structure in a better condition, Silk Protein conditions and gives the hair shine and softness

Magic Blonde Sachet-10g
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