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Extra Forte (Pack)-85ml

KEUNE Forming
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A straightening cream containing Phyto Keratin (K+) and Silk Protein, leaving the
hair beautiful and shiny

USAGE: Shampoo the hair only when it is very greasy or dirty. Apply on dry or towel dry hair. Apply the hair straightener with a brush strand by strand, starting in the nape area> Keep the hair straightener away from scalp for at least 0.5 cm. For even distribution carefully comb through. Processing time is 5 to 20 mins, depending on the structure of the hair, in no case, exceed the max. processing time! check from time to time, with a comb wheter the hair stays straight. After processing time, straighten the hair by combing strand to strand, using a wide tooth comb. Do not pull the hair. Straightening should not be exceed 5 minutes, Rinse the hair throughly with warm water for at least 5 minutes. Apply Fixing bal evenly to the hair while carefully combing through for 10 mins. Add a little warm water and massage the Fixing Balm with the finger tips from the scalp through the hair. Rinse hair thoroughly until all cream has been removed

ADVANTAGES: To be used without straightening iron, Restores the natural hair structure, With Silk Protein for a shiny result

Extra Forte (Pack)-85ml
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