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Semi Color - Semi Color Silver-60ml

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Design soft, natural looking tones with glossy shine with Semi Color, our ammonia-free tone-on-tone color product. Over 50 demi-permanent shades to choose from

USAGE: 1. Glossing Service: Use Semi Color Clear combined with Semi Color Activator to add incredible shine and condition to hair. Mixing ratio: 1 part Semi Color Clear and 2 parts Semi Color Activator. 2. Infi nite Semi Color Shades: Combine Semi Color Clear and Semi Color shades to create unlimited color possibilities. Add up to 1/2 Semi Color Clear to a Semi Color formula to lighten the color shade without losing the color tone. Mix with Semi Color Activator 3. Pastel Shades: Use Semi Color Clear and a Semi Color shade combined with Semi Color Activator to create pastel shades. Always apply pastel shades to a neutral level 10, decolorized/lightened hair. Mix 30 ml (1 . oz.) Semi Color Clear + 5ml (0.2 . oz.) Semi Color Fashion Shade or Mix Color + 70 ml (2.4 . oz.) Activator

ADVANTAGES: Semi Color Activator contains LP 300, which ensures the pigments bind better with the hair structure and protect your client’s hair structure during the color treatment, resulting in longer lasting hair color. Grey coverage of up to 70% with an easy
application thanks to the gentle cream. An intensive tone-on-tone color with
minimal demarcation, Dual coloring technique that refreshes the lengths and ends with Semi Color, combined with Tinta Color on the re-growth. Stronger where needed, gentle where possible

Semi Color - Semi Color Silver-60ml
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