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Mix Color - 0/11 Ash Blue-60ml

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Intensifies or neutralizes characters. As an addition to a Tinta Color shade, no extra developer is needed USAGE: When fashion shades are mixed with natural shades to create grey coverage, some intensity of the character used will be lost.

Fashion shades with 1 character (e.g., Tinta Color 8.3) consist of: – 50% natural base – 50% character Creating grey coverage requires 100% base. The natural shade must therefore be added in 1:1 mixing ratio to get a 100% base.

For example: When Tinta Color 8.3 (light blonde with a golden character) is mixed with natural Tinta Color 8 at a 1:1 mixing ratio, the intensity of the gold character (0/33) will be reduced. It will be necessary to add extra Mix Color 0/33 to create the correct 8.3

ADVANTAGES: The added LP 300 color stabilizer protects the integrity of the hair structure. Keune Tinta Color leaves the hair in superb condition with a beautiful shine. A highly conditioning, permanent hair coloring. Silk protein and Protector LP 300 create softness and shine. Keune Tinta Color is a cream color with 100% grey coverage. By using the mixing colors, unlimited color shades are possible.

Mix Color - 0/11 Ash Blue-60ml
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