HERBAL INFUSED BEAUTY Liquid Lipsticks, 4.5ml

WB Hemani
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This long-lasting matte liquid lipstick is infused with Argan Extract to nourish, gives a weightless matte finish perfect for you, and your pout with a creamy long-wearing lip color.

Enriched with Argan Extract

ƒ??‹?�?ÿSmooth Matte Finish

255?ÿSCARLET?ÿis a?ÿsoft-matte,?ÿbright red color liquid lipstick

256 MULBERRY is a?ÿsoft-matte, bold and dark pink color liquid lipstick

257 ROUGE PETAL?ÿis a?ÿsoft-matte, blushy pink color?ÿ

258 GREIGE is a?ÿsoft-matte,?ÿmuted brown color liquid lipstick

259 SALMON is a?ÿsoft-matte,?ÿbright peachy pink color liquid lipstick

HERBAL INFUSED BEAUTY Liquid Lipsticks, 4.5ml
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