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HERBAL INFUSED BEAUTY Brows on Fleek Eyebrow Palette

WB Hemani
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A handy brow palette structures and styles all brows for a tailored natural look adapting to all tones. Five shades with a highlighting and a dark shade and three tones of brown for a perfect ombre-look blend well together to create Brows on Fleek.

 Enriched with Argan Extract
✔️ Great for beginners
✔️ Universal shades for light and dark tone brows 


Fill in the brows with the highlight shade, Beige, tucked under the brow line for a sharp and clean lift making the eyes look bigger and brighter. The shades Nut and Brownie are pushed right on the front of the brow to the arch, for a soft natural start. Follow the natural shape of the highest point of the brow, the arch, with Cocoa for a defined look. The tapered end of the brow can be finished with Noir, the black, for an intense shape. 

HERBAL INFUSED BEAUTY Brows on Fleek Eyebrow Palette
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