Oh So Flawless – DD Powder

WB Hemani
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The prime purpose of this powder is to set your makeup and prevent it from looking oily. It can used multiple times in a day to touch-up your makeup. A buildable light weight formula which evens out the skin instantly and helps in correcting age spots, imperfections, redness and discolorations. It leaves skin soft, fair and luminous.
DD Known as dynamic-do-all, they are a blend of BB and CC creams and offer a higher SPF protection. The non-greasy texture takes care of shine all day to create a matte finish that doesn't look too dry. Water-attracting molecules work to boost hydration while brighten and even the skin. Plus, argireline peptide, nicknamed botox in a jar, works to minimize the appearance of wrinkles. Excellent at evening out skin tone, it's a brilliant all-rounder
Oh So Flawless – DD Powder
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