Natural eleMENt Ultra Control Hair Wax 175ml

WB Hemani
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You’ll find the wax lightweight and that it gives your hair a pliable, high-finish, natural-looking shine. You also don’t need to use a lot of it to get an all-day hold, and it rinses easily from your hair and won’t leave it feeling dry or greasy

It’s a good wax for adding volume, which makes it an excellent choice for men with short and thinning hair. While it’s extremely versatile and good for almost any hair length and style, it’s the best hair wax for thin hair. This Hair wax tops the list for its strong hold, natural sheen, and exceptional frizz resistance. While it has the strength to keep your hair in place all day, it’s more balanced and not as firm or rigid as other holds

Natural eleMENt Ultra Control Hair Wax 175ml
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