No Acne Naturally Face Serum 30ml

WB Hemani
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The gentle clarifying serum has a natural antiseptic of tea tree oil and witch hazel, which help to fight the bacteria on your skin and in your pores. It's nondrying and helps balance excess oil, minimize redness, and even speed the resolution of blemishes, especially whiteheads. The active ingredients in the serum moisturize where you're dry, brighten where you're dull, or exfoliate where acne has left its mark.
This serum is such a heavy hitter. it reduces oil production and promotes the turnover of dead skin cells, resulting in fewer clogged pores. The mild concentration of retinol in this serum makes it a gentle, easy-to-tolerate formulation that can be layered with other anti-acne products

No Acne Naturally Face Serum 30ml
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