INSTA SAFE Antibacterial Foaming Facial Cleanser 150ml

WB Hemani
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An outstanding solution with a unique combination of natural oils and herbs. It works to wash away dirt and oil and supports your skin’s protective layers. Blends of antibacterial ingredients prevent bacteria and dirt from penetrating the skin.

???? Tea Tree's antimicrobial properties help prevent acne-causing bacteria.

???? Eucalyptus purifies and heals skin reducing bacteria growth.

???? Thyme stimulates blood circulation, skin immunity, and strengthens the tissues.

Its invigorating scent refreshes the skin and senses.

DIRECTIONS: Dispense and massage the foam into the skin. Leave on wet skin for 2-4 minutes for the deep
cleansing action. Rinse thoroughly. Use every morning and evening. Recommended using with Insta Safe Personal Care range.

INSTA SAFE Antibacterial Foaming Facial Cleanser 150ml
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