INSTA SAFE Antibacterial Hand & Face Cream 100ml

WB Hemani
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A light cream for soft and hygienic skin leaving the skin moisturized & germ-protected. Infused with antibacterial and antifungal natural oils and herbs that keep the skin soothed and protected.

???? Tea Tree Oil is an antiseptic, with protecting and healing properties.

???? Eucalyptus Oil keeps skin clean and purified from bacteria and infections.

???? Thyme Oil's antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects soothe, increase blood flow, and moisturize the skin.

Its invigorating scent refreshes the skin and senses.

DIRECTIONS: Gently massage the cream into your skin. Recommended using with Insta Safe Personal Care range.

INSTA SAFE Antibacterial Hand & Face Cream 100ml
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