Pupa Make Up Stories - Palette Of 10 Multi-Finish Eyeshadows


Explore the galaxy of colours in the Makeup Stories Cosmic Queen palette, where deep blue and intense teal are lit up with the metallic glow of silvery and vibrant shades. Discover the universe of shades and surprise yourself along the way.  
The result? An infinite variety of looks for eyes that speak volumes!
Tell your eye make-up story, make your look heard! 



The formula of the Matt texture combines innovative Velvety Agents that guarantee perfect adherence and a high percentage of pigments for maximum coverage.
The Satin texture is composed of innovative raw materials with a silky feel to make the texture rich and creamy while a special Polymer guarantees optimum hold. 

The Metal texture is a pressed powder with a performance similar to that of a cream. The combination of Resins, Waxes and Oils ensures perfect adhesion to your eyelid. Easy to apply, it fixes instantly and lasts all day long.



Use the Matt texture to create perfect shading and intensify your eyes. 
Apply the Satin texture for soft shades without contrasts. 
Don’t be afraid to be daring with the Metal texture! Use the chrome version to create extraordinary light reflections and the matt version for a dramatic smoky effect.

Pupa Make Up Stories - Palette Of 10 Multi-Finish Eyeshadows
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