Pupa True Lips Blendable Lip Liner Pencil

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Lipstick for perfectly drawn and defined lips with intense ultra-pigmented colour. Dual use: can be used alone for a sophisticated matt effect or under your lipstick to make it last longer and to create a barrier effect. The tip is soft and smooth-gliding, making it easy to use. The latex blending applicator helps to distribute the colour evenly.



Its formula is soft with high coverage. Contains vitamin E and vitamin C with antioxidant properties, and cottonseed oil with moisturising and emollient properties.


Makeup Tips 

Apply the lip contour pencil starting from the centre of your upper lip, outlining the contour with a continuous fine line. Repeat on your lower lip, this time starting from the outer corner and finishing at the centre. Blend the line towards the inside of your lips using the integrated blending applicator. Then apply a gloss for a natural effect or a lipstick for a sophisticated effect.

Pupa True Lips Blendable Lip Liner Pencil
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