Blooming Bulgarian Rose Face Scrub 150ml

WB Hemani
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The exfoliators in the Blooming Bulgarian face scrub don’t let the acne causing bacteria get trapped inside the pores in your skin which can trigger pimples and other inflammatory lesions. The antibacterial properties of the rose helps lift bacteria from the pores. Have a luxurious experience that leave skin feeling soft, silky, and squeaky clean. It’s packed with vitamin C and essential fatty acids, so it can improve skin tone and also give skin a refreshed look.

Roses contain high doses of vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant that helps protect skin cells from damage. In addition, the natural oils that are found in roses help the skin retain moisture for deeper hydration. As a natural astringent, rose helps tighten pores and restore suppleness for the ultimate glow.

Blooming Bulgarian Rose Face Scrub 150ml
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