Oil Control Cleansing Foam

WB Hemani
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Oil Control Cleansing Foam is a gentle, deep cleansing foam, rich in active ingredients effective for oily and problematic skin, leaves skin feeling pure and fresh. A formula that is rich in proteins, minerals, and vitamins. That way, it's able to gently cleanse while nourishing your skin too, without irritation.


You’ll definitely love its creamy and soft texture that provides cushion on fingers while massaging the face. It leaves a squishy and glowing skin instead of dry and stiff that most brands do. The airy foam is soap-free, so it never strips your skin, all the while deeply purging dirt, impurities, makeup, and breakouts. All the natural ingredients in the formula offer antioxidant protection, antibacterial properties, and anti-inflammatory benefits to fight sensitivity and redness.

Oil Control Cleansing Foam
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