Natural Element Energizing Face Wash 100ml

WB Hemani
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The specialty about this face wash is that it fits all of a man’s unique skin needs. It is an ideal face wash that men will love. This product is formulated for men of all skin types. Whether you have normal skin, dry skin, sensitive skin or anything in between. It has a plus point of having a great scent that’s influenced by essential oils.

It is always good for soothing the skin which gently exfoliates skin while not stripping away the needed moisture.

If you’re looking for a face wash that resolves a lot of skin issues, you’re going to love this product. The charcoal works as a cleaning agent which helps to remove impurities and controls shine by removing excess oil. Natural element charcoal face wash also prevents breakouts and will really help blackheads, blemishes and pimples

Natural Element Energizing Face Wash 100ml
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