Artdeco Art Couture Nail Lacquer - 629 Begonia Bloom


Nail polish with unique vinyl-gloss effect and perfect coat brush

  • Shiny, rich color with vinyl-gloss effect
  • Innovative brush for an easy, precise application
  • Quick-drying and long lasting

Vibrant shine, excellent coverage, quick-drying, and long lasting: The Art Couture Nail Lacquer is an extremely high-tech nail polish. From the timeless elegance of the design to the high-shine color finish and the formula with nourishing active ingredients, all aspects are perfectly tuned to each other. The innovative perfect coat brush makes it very easy to apply the nail polish precisely and evenly. In addition, the bottle has a patented, dual-seal system that prevents the nail polish from drying out. Add a hint of haute couture to your nails!

The most important ingredients and their effects:

  • Formula contains richly nourishing active ingredients such as amino peptides, vitamin A, C, E, and panthenol


First apply a base coat (e.g. our Base Coat). Then apply one or two layers of the nail polish depending on your desired color intensity.

Important: Always let each layer dry properly.

Artdeco Art Couture Nail Lacquer - 629 Begonia Bloom
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