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Clarins - Toning Lotion with Iris - Oily Skin - 200ml

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Alcohol-free toner—with purifying Iris and Sage extracts—removes every last trace of cleanser and oil buildup, leaving skin radiant, balanced and refreshed. Tones skin, soothes irritations and visibly tightens pores. Preps skin for serum and moisturizer.



  • Alcohol-free
  • Balances, refreshes and revives
  • Visibly tightens pores
  • Removes oil buildup
  • Contains Clarins’ Anti-Pollution Complex



With cotton pad:

  1. Soak two cotton pads with Toning Lotion and smooth over clean face and neck, avoiding eye area.
  2. Wait a few moments before applying serum and moisturizer.

With hands:

  1. Apply with light pressing motions to center of forehead, moving outward toward the temples.
  2. Repeat the action, this time starting in the middle of the face and moving toward the ears.
  3. To finish, lightly press flat of hand to one side of the neck, then the other.



Clarins - Toning Lotion with Iris - Oily Skin - 200ml
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