Azzaro Chrome Under The Pole Edt 100Ml

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An invigorating sensation permeates your skin from the moment the fragrance is applied. This immediate freshness creates an instant chilling effect, as biting as the polar winds.


Mythical ingredients

The fragrance's aquatic heart beats strongly thanks to a new alcohol-free formula. Under the surface, three legendary ingredients come together...


This citrus fruit immediately delivers a surge of energy, through fresh, and highly invigorating
notes. Calabrian Bergamot is a cross between bitter orange and sweet lime. When in season,
the tree gives fragrant white flowers and produces ripe yellow fruit. Bergamot essential oil is
obtained by cold expression (a process to extract the oil from its citrus peel).

 Transparent Musk

Recalling animal origins, musk notes strengthen the freshness and enveloping character of the
fragrance. A must-have in the fragrance world, musk releases a contrasting aroma both
powerful and comforting, for a masculine and elegant trail.


The leaves of this herb contribute to the fragrance’s vitality. They serve as a link between
freshness and sweetness, developing a finish that is at once aquatic, woody, and green.
Maté grows abundantly in the wild, primarily in Brazil, its main producer. That’s where its
essential oil is extracted in a dual process for the highest purity.
Azzaro Chrome Under The Pole Edt 100Ml
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