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Azzaro Wanted 150Ml Jumbo Size Edt

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Created to seduce and to be desired, Azzaro Wanted embodies the values of the brand and the charisma of its founder, Loris Azzaro. Between brightness, seduction, hedonism, generosity, liberty and charisma, the perfume “celebrates life” with strength and boldness.


Azzaro Wanted is the fragrance of a highly successful man for whom everything is possible. Independent, he lives life on his terms, follows his instinct and changes the rules of the game constantly. He boldly takes chances with complete confidence, disregarding his destiny to get what he wants. Whatever he aims for, he gets. Whatever he dares to do, he wins. Enough to arouse the envy of men and the desire of women.


​A seducer, Azzaro Wanted leaves trouble in its wake. The creation plays with both hot woody notes and fresh, spicy aromas. From this intense harmony, desire is born.



Originally from the Far East, this citrus fruit was introduced to Europe towards the end of the 12th century. Grown in Italy, it is worked on following two different extraction methods which allow both the zest and the pulp to be dealt with, before combining the explosive, bitter sides from one and the juicy, sun-drenched, cheerful notes from the other. The result? A stunning, sunlit, highly generous opening.


This herbaceous, highly sleek plant discovered in India produces pretty flowers and fruits. In Guatemala, its dried seeds and even its skin are distilled. The plant’s juice exudes a variety of complex notes which are in turn spicy, green, balsamic, and intensely lemony. Through its vibrations and energy, this noble ingredient exudes bold spicy notes; the virile and refined signature of the contemporary man.


At once dry and humid, cool and hot, woody and intense, this strange root is grown in Java, in Madagascar, in Brazil and particularly in Haiti, where it prized by perfumers. There, the essential oil that is developed releases earthy, smoky notes with nutty characteristics. This woody tonality with a timeless elegance and a unique freshness brings a touch of unexpected liveliness and a distinguished depth.
Azzaro Wanted 150Ml Jumbo Size Edt
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