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Azzaro Solarissimo (01) Levanzo Edt 75Ml

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Levanzo is in the aromatic citrus woody family, and brings together prime, sunny raw ingredients.



Citrus elevates Levanzo to its top notes. It contributes an impression of dazzling light.
Originally from the Far East, Lemon was introduced to Europe around the end of the twelfth
century. Grown in Italy, the fruit is harvested in season before its zest is taken to obtain an
Core by cold press, then centrifuge.


The green, fresh, vegetal and slightly spicy notes in this aromatic plant underscore Levanzo's
masculinity. Originating from Asia, it can reach an average of 20 to 40 cm in height. In
perfumery, Sweet Basil (India) with its large leaves, is particularly prized for its Core
which is extracted using steam distillation.


Essential oil of Virginian Cedar wood gives the fragrance its woody, elegant and intense
signature. It is obtained by steam distilling the sawdust and shavings of this
thousand-year-old wood, which is a symbol of immortality. In Ancient Egypt, its oil was used
to embalm dead bodies, and in Tibet the oil is used in temples and traditional medicine
Azzaro Solarissimo (01) Levanzo Edt 75Ml
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