Guerlain Blanc De Perle Cleansing Foam 150 Ml

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The Cleansing Foam Blanc de Perle Guerlain gently removes make-up and eliminates impurities thanks to its delicate and exfoliating micro-pearls.

Through the application, it helps to stimulate cellular renewal & optimize cellular elimination. It prevents skin dullness accumulation.

Day after day, the skin reveals its pure transparency and a fresh baby skin radiance.


1. Morning and evening, as the first routine step, apply the Blanc de Perle Cleanser to face to cleanse the skin.
2. - Collect a small amount of the Cleanser and lather with water in the palm of the hand.
- Apply with fingertips to face and massage gently
- Rinse with water, and then dry with a towel

Guerlain Blanc De Perle Cleansing Foam 150 Ml
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