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Asghar Ali Bareeq Al Fairooz SP 45ml

Asghar Ali
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Orientale Ambery

BAREEQ AL FAIROOZ is an oriental fragrance with the similar nuance of the Al Fairooz launched in 2009 and is being reintroduced after its initial launch. With the lustering opening of fruity top notes blending to a bouquet intense of ylang ylang, marigold and jasmine floral notes. The base is completed with notes of musk, sandalwood, honey and patchouli the perfect combination of oriental amber accords. The name BAREEQ AL FAIROOZ well suits this perfume as the bottle itself illuminates in its black and rose gold look. A definite upscale in its fragrance is truly to last longer perfect for an all-day wear. Available in 45ml.

Asghar Ali Bareeq Al Fairooz SP 45ml
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