Asghar Ali Attar dehan Al Oud 6ml

Asghar Ali
  • Woody and oriental notes submerged in oud essence
  • Represents royalty, sympathy, and maturity
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Available in 6ml

Luxurious and neutral edition of oud and oriental essence, Asgharali Dehn Al Oud Attar is an exclusive presentation of sunny, orient, and comforting ambience. Asgharali has carefully merged the two accords to bring together a signature blend appropriate for use by both males and females. While the top and heart note is enriched with intense notes of oud, they are softened by the oriental and woody attars to create a smooth sensation. It touches the base note with a deep woody essence. The delightful segment of wood and oriental notes makes this Oud attar one of the finest modern-day perfume.

Asghar Ali Attar dehan Al Oud 6ml
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